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She is Seeking Shangrila [userpic]

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je ne sais quoi [userpic]

My turn to put on the modhat! Yay! (Telling everyone to add their CONTACT INFO here does not count. I had the modhat on for, like, two seconds.)

Characters: A Romeo would rock. Given that I'm no longer on break, my workload is actually starting to terrify me, so I'd say a Lysander would rock as well. I will do what I can if I end up picking him up, but I'd hate to compromise my time for my other two characters like that. We could also use a Prince, Lord/Lady Capulet (the ball doesn't have a host!), and actors. As always, we're welcoming ensemble OC's, so if you're hoping to grab one of the fairy ensemble, go for it.

Plots: So as you all probably know, me and Valancy have been planning for the Ball event in Romeo and Juliet. The plan is for either of us to make a post opening up the ball, and then let everyone run their own separate threads within that one post. Think of it as one post to contain many scenes, so a person's "opening post" would be more of an "opening comment" for other players to respond to. We figured that would be the best way to emulate all the characters passing by each other. If one post becomes bloated (say, 100+ comments), then we could start a second Ball 2 post just for my sanity's sake.

If you have any plot ideas for the ball (or just any ideas in general), feel free to mention them here. Also feel free to tell us what characters you're bringing to the ball and what sort of interactions you'd like to see. That way, it'll be easier for everyone to offer their characters for wanted scenes and such. Juliet's there to meet the love of her life (provided he has a player), and to possibly be kidnapped by Titania, as well as to just dance with the boys and talk with the girls. Puck... will be there, though I can't say I have anything in particular in mind.  If anyone wants to take a nap and be the first victim of the love flower, let me know!

The other question: when would be a good time for us to start the ball event? Valancy has mentioned that she'll be gone this weekend, so I'd prefer to wait until Monday at the least, and if anyone would like more time to start/finish any pre-ball threads, just say so.  Monday seems fine to me though, assuming we can finish all our current threads and any other threads up start up by then.  If we prove to roleplay at a slower pace, then we can push back the event too.

Valancy [userpic]

Since we've got quite a few character descriptions in, how about starting to play soon? The way I and liaku thought about it, the Ball would probably be the first big game-wide event (unless people want to do the fight scene in the beginning of R&J). A lot of the Szentivánéji characters can participate too, at least Hermia and Demetrius would be invited, and fairy characters could easily observe if they feel like it. From the ball it's easy to start going AU, because there's a lot of chaos going on and things will surely happen.

But I'll be away this weekend, and since some people are still working on character applications anyway and a few central characters are missing (anyone want to play Romeo who isn't also playing a character he'd interact much with?), it's maybe not a good idea to start with the Ball quite yet anyway. But if some people who've already got their characters ready want to do some brief pre-Ball scenes to get into characters better and/or figure out backstory, that'd be cool. For example, Juliet, Tybalt and Peter could easily chat a bit before the Ball. Demetrius and his father might talk about how Demetrius needs to make a good impression on Hermia. The fairies might be doing something. And so on.

Also, if anyone has any particular plans or plot wishes for their character in the early scenes and wants to talk about them, this would be a good place to start talking about it. I'll say now that Titania might consider kidnapping some lovely young creature during or after the ball. Maybe Juliet, because the game needs some femme content to balance out all the slash that will no doubt happen. ;-) This, I imagine, could cause something of a commotion in Verona.

Valancy [userpic]

Valancy [userpic]

I meant to do this a couple of days ago, but forgot. I think we could have a general discussion thread for fairies, because there's a lot that the show and the play aren't clear on when it comes to fairy mythology and we're going to need to make up stuff. I and greenie1980 had some ideas come up when we discussed Oberon and Titania, and I thought I'd post them for a start. Anyone playing a fairy or planning to play one or otherwise having ideas or questions, feel free to contribute any thoughts, comments or suggestions that occur to you! greenie1980, I hope you're fine with me copying your thoughts and questions here. If not, let me know, but I thought they also presented many ideas and questions that we need to answer, and I was too lazy to write a summary.

ThoughtsCollapse )

On a related note, one question is what kind of names fairies have. In the play, the attendant fairies have names like Peaseblossom and Cobweb, but the main fairies have fantasy names like Oberon and Titania. Since the fairies of the musical aren't strictly based on the fairies of the play (if I recall right in the play Bottom addresses the fairies as male, but in the musical all of Titania's attendants are female) we don't necessarily need to use those kind of names, but could go for general fantasy names. On the other hand, if someone wants to give a nature/flower name to their fairy, I'm fine with that.

Anyway, on that note I thought I'd throw in a couple of possible sources for fairy names. Feel free to also use these sources on creating names for other unnamed ensemble characters.

Onomastikon (a source of names from different cultures and historical eras - either take names straight from some suitable culture or modify them a little)

Theoi - Source on Greek mythology. Since the Midsummer Night's Dream originally takes place in a pseudo-Greece and the human characters have Greek names, I figure other Greek style names are also good, especially since fantasy names are often Greek style anyway. There's a long list of nymph names, for example, which could be neat for fairy girls.

If anybody knows other nice name sources, generators etc. toss me a link and I'll add it to the list! A Shakespearean name generator might be useful, too, if you know a good one.

(I wasn't sure how to tag this post, so I didn't yet. I'll think of something.)

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