Valancy (valancystar) wrote in csiri_ooc,

Lysander AND Hermia needed

Hey all,

I'll try to get the ball-starting scene written soon, but I haven't been feeling well today so it might be delayed until tomorrow, depending on how much energy I have. But meanwhile - I've been asking around to make sure all our participants are still participating, and seek_shangrila said she had better pull back as her internet access hasn't been reliable lately and she can't promise to be able to play regularly. Which means we're not only missing a Lysander, but also a Hermia. We definitely should have them both for the game to work out sensibly - so, um, any suggestions? I would otherwise offer to play one of them, but I'm already playing one of the four young lovers (Demetrius) and I don't think it will work out too well for the same person to play any two of them. Any other volunteers? Please?
Tags: !characters, !modpost
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