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ACTOR/ACTRESS Kerenyi Miklos Mate
HOME The forest.
OCCUPATION Servant of Oberon
* likes humans but only because they're fun to play tricks on, he doesn't care about their feelings on the matter
* gets bored very easily, so he likes to create any sort of chaos to keep himself entertained
* hates being idle
* can be very nice and help out some poor human if they catch his interest
* more often, Puck'll be not nice at all and screw some poor human over for shits and giggles
* he's completely loyal to Oberon even if he misbehaves occasionally
* the closest thing he has to a conscience is "Will this piss off Oberon?" (If the answer is yes, the follow-up question is "But will Oberon ever find out?")
* he's very close to his friends, and he will not be happy if anyone hurts them
* he very, very rarely talks about himself
* he was human once, a very, very long time ago, and if pressed about how that happened, he'll tell you he stole a bit of magic from the woods for himself
* he's older than Verona, but he still likes it very much and leaves the woods to visit the city if there's anything interesting going on
* if there's nothing interesting going on, Puck will make things interesting by turning everything upside-down if he has to
* most of his time is spent actively toying with humans and other fairies, but he doesn't mind watching chaos do its own thing--it's just so tempting to interfere and make situations worse

[Optional] What plots would you like to see happen in this game for your character or just in general?
Not looking for any specifics. :)
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