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application: benvolio

NAME Benvolio
ACTOR/ACTRESS Kerényi Miklós Máté
LOYALTY Montague
HOME Montague Household, West Verona
PERSONALITY Benvolio is very young and very light-headed. In stead of retiring into his shelf after his parens' death and crashing of his secure life, he went wild. He basically does whatever he likes, picking on fights with Capulets (he doesn't hate the other family, fighting is just another way of having fun), flirts with girls and generally fooling about. Still, there is strange innocents about everything he does, like the sole idea of thinking about consequences doesn't even strike him. He clings to his friends a lot, though, regarding them as his older mentors and brothers combined.
BIO Benvolio is about 16 or 17 years old. He comes from a side branch of the family, and his childhood wasn't an unhappy one, but he was still quite lonely, with his parents being pretty much the only people in his world. Their sudden death was a huge tragedy for the boy. After some hesitation, his aunt, Lady Montague, took him into care and brought to Verona, where no one looked after him, but it let him found the freedom he always lacked as a kid. Too much freedom, probably. His new friends, Romeo and Mercutio, became his companions and family, and 'happy' would be the only word to describe his life up to now.

[Optional] What plots would you like to see happen in this game for your character or just in general?
Nothing specific... Perhaps, some fairy involvement to take Benvolio away from his friends, let him grow up and start using a brain of his own? And some slash romance in the forest?