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Application: Lysander

NAME Lysander
ACTOR Szerényi László.
LOYALTY Himself and his values, Hermia.
HOME Lives in a separate room in the house of the Uncle, who he works for. It's in the upstairs of their shop, which is located on the edges of the fancy parts of the town, though otherwise he wouldn't be able to live there.
OCCUPATION Craftsman/goldsmith, younger partner in a workshop.
* Though he is simply the son of a farmer educated to be a fine craftsman, Lysander sees no reason to believe he isn't worth just as much as any noble. He doesn't think money and rank should determine a person's worth, only how the person lives and what he does, and he thinks craftsmen and farmers are actually usually more useful to the society than nobles who do nothing. Although he doesn't voice these opinions too loudly to his noble friends unless he feels they're being condescending. Lysander has quite a bit of honest pride, and he can't stand to be treated like an inferior by anyone. That's the one way to lose his good will towards you.

* When treated nicely and like an equal, Lysander is usually a sweet and quite charming young man. Not quite overburdened with modesty but not with conceit either, friendly, helpful and respectful towards other people when they respect him and his loved ones. But he has his pride, and he is an very emotional, passionate young man. Hurting his sense of justice or pride, or hurting the people he loves, can make him lose his temper, act rashly and speak in ways he shouldn't. This has certainly lost him the good opinion of some people, but those who bother to get to know him also know that he only reacts badly when provoked and is easy to regret and apologise if he has been wrong. Because of his hotheadedness and lack of appropriate humility, he got into quite a lot of fights with many boys when he was younger, and as a result is a very nimble fighter and quick with his fists.

* Lysander does fairly well in his trade, but the only things that were a constant obstacle to his learning were these: whenever a customer in the shop had some interesting story to tell about far-off lands or exciting events near or far, he would easily stop to listen and forget working; and when he so felt, he would be hiding exciting adventure books under the table and reading them whenever his Uncle wasn't looking. Although his way of life is mostly determined by his pragmatic education and the need to earn his living, he has a very dreamy side and always wishes to go to far-away lands or get to know something interesting and special. Spending his childhood in the country-side, he's more familiar than the city kids with the stories about fairies and other strange creatures living in the big forest. Though children were warned not to go there because fairies liked to take people with them and never let go, Lysander always secretly wanted to go and find out what it was really like and if there really were fairies. As a grown-up he's learned to take short-cuts through the woods to visit his family and doesn't think much of it - he does sense that there might be something there, but it's never hurt him so far, and if he should meet it one day, well, that could be an interesting adventure...

* He loves that he's able to create beautiful things, and especially wants to create them for the people he loves, like Hermia or his family back in the country.

* When he has free time, he enjoys playing all sorts of sports and is admitted to be quite good at most sport games. The girls of the town know him to be a very good dancer and some of them rather regret that his heart seems to have been given away already. He likes watching a good, fun play every now and then (tragedies aren't his thing unless they're very exciting tragedies with lots of dramatic twists and turns), and continues enjoying to read books that tell stories about dashing heroes rescuing princesses and finding lost magical treasure or vanquishing an enemy fleet single-handed. If you try, you might find out that he secretly loves romantic poetry, but he doesn't really go around boasting it. He's intelligent, but he doesn't go around trying to be intellectual, and he enjoys beautiful things but doesn't try to be artsy and cultured.

* He may have tasted strong liquors but he doesn't truthfully have any idea of how well he can hold them. To the tougher boys in town he may boast to be more "bad" than he really is, just so they won't think him a sissy, but inside he's a rather good and sweet boy.

* He's streetwise enough to occasionally carry around a knife hidden in his clothes, because you never know what will upset the likes of Tybalt Capulet, and he knows how to use the knife. But he never actually does, and he only ever hurts people if badly provoked and then only with his fists.

* He is still a good country-side family boy at heart, and visits his family about once every two months, and in between he writes them letters when he has time. These letters tend to be long and somewhat erratic collections of life events and amusing stories from the city. The orthography is varied, punctuation highly inventive and paragraph divisions rare, but the style is entertaining and vivid.

BIO Lysander was born on a farm in one of the villages in the countryside, some distance from Verona. When he was about 11, the family was in economic difficulties because of failed crops and other misfortunes, and when a reasonably well-to-do cousin of his mother's, a goldsmith in Verona, offered to take Lysander in as an apprentice (finding him skilled in handwork and bright enough to be worth educating to help with his business), his parents gladly agreed. This provided Lysander with an upkeep and a promising education, and the Uncle (so Lysander calls him for simplicity's sake) sent some amount of money to the family as a compensation for his work. After many years of apprenticeship Lysander is now at 20 years old a craftsman, and very proud that he can learn his living by such interesting skilled work. He works with his Uncle, as a younger partner in his shop, no longer an apprentice, and their business is going well. The finest work is still done by the Uncle, but Lysander does quite a bit as well, and is more often in the shop serving the customers (one of the rationales being that ladies are quite eager to buy something from such a sweet and handsome young man). Nobles and grand bourgeois alike often come to their shop for jewellery, watches, clocks, ornaments, candlesticks and any other fine metal and jewellery works.

Their shop is situated in the fancy part of the town, and so Lysander has happened to make the acquaintance of some of the rich young folks of Verona, too. Some disdain him for his lowly birth and the need to work for his living, but those who don't care about it may find him a bright, imaginative and energetic companion, and as he doesn't go around being ashamed of his position, he has made some friends in social classes above his own. One of the dearest of those friends is Hermia - who Lysander is quite in love with but who unfortunately happens to be the daughter of Lord Theseus and so socially beyond his reach, it would seem. Noble young ladies don't usually marry artisans.

First the young couple hid their relationship from Hermia's family, but finally they decided that there was nothing shameful about Lysander's status and occupation, that he would be able to give Hermia a comfortable life and so if they both wanted, they should be allowed to get married. They went to Theseus and Hippolyta with this idea, but met with very little understanding, even less as Theseus had plans of marrying Hermia off to Demetrius, the son of the Chief Constable Sir Gregorius. Hermia had no intentions of doing that, so when repeated pleading, arguing and prayers did not help, the lovers finally devised a plan: they would run off together to the countryside and go to a smaller town where Lysander has family. There they will get married, and when they return to Verona, the marriage will also be valid there and Hermia's parents won't be able to do anything but accept the situation.

[Optional] What plots would you like to see happen in this game for your character or just in general? From how much we've discussed it, slashiness with Oberon is probably going to happen. Though the situation with Hermia will also need to be resolved somehow. Anything else, I'm open to a lot of things. And if any of you playing young human characters likely to know Lysander have an idea of how your character reacts to him, feel free to tell me.