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Ball started! Please play!

Woo hoo, I was heroic and finally wrote the ball-starting scene! And it really shouldn't have taken this many months to write two paragraphs. I apologise once more, but I hope that the game will go on now. I felt quite writer's blocked about the scene-starter, since it had been delayed this long, but I reminded myself that it doesn't need to be great literature, it just needs to exist, so there it is. I also posted with all my three characters to describe how they are arriving to the ball. Feel free to either reply to their threads or start one of your own, whichever seems the most appropriate, and when other people start posting their characters, you can post replies to them as well. The idea was that we'll have as many threads in the ball scene as there are different conversations and encounters between characters, and characters can move from one thread to another as people can move from one conversation to another in a similar real-life situation. If there are any questions, feel free to bring them up here or ask one of us mods or another player, whichever seems appropriate.

A note about my characters: Titania can only be seen and approached by other fairies, but she will observe the ball and the other characters, and we'll see how she may try to influence them. The flowers in her hair can probably be smelled by human characters as well, but of course that may not be much noticed in a ball where everyone's probably wearing a different perfume. Demetrius and Tybalt can be approached by anyone who feels so inclined, and I'm sure Demetrius at least will make himself sociable as soon as other characters join in. With Tybalt, we'll see what can make him sociable.

We could still use a Lysander and a Hermia (and a Benvolio), but for now, let's start the ball without them and see what we'll do if we haven't got any new volunteers in the next few days.

(I didn't have any other appropriate ball-icon so I used a Romeo-and-Juliet-at-the-ball icon that I had.)

ETA: I didn't include character tags because that'd be, like, everyone. Do you think I should anyway, or should we do a special tag for big group scenes that have so many people we don't want to list them all, or just leave it as it is and trust that people looking for the ball scenes will find them with "the ball" tag?
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