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Valancy [userpic]

More discussion - I have a little plot-related suggestion to make for near future, which I've mentioned to some of you but as it involves several people's characters, I figured a post in the community would be more appropriate.

I suggest a consequence of events something as follows:

Titania decides to kidnap Juliet in the ball because she's so pretty and charming. She successfully does so, possibly noticed by the other fairies but not stopped by them (Oberon may try if he wants, but hopefully shouldn't succeed).

There is much commotion when people notice Juliet has disappeared, Tybalt probably blaming Montagues on it and goodness knows what everyone else will think.

Somehow (perhaps with Puck's help if he wants to stir mischief) both Romeo and Tybalt find out that Juliet has probably been taken to the forest. They decide to rush in there to save her - both at the same time.

Mercutio and Benvolio notice this before long and rush after them, declaring that they won't let Romeo and Tybalt go off into the forest like that but will join them to make sure they won't kill each other. (This is probably wise. Of course, if the Oberon/Benvolio thing has already started happening, Benvolio may have his own vested interests. Mercutio may have his own interests with regard to Tybalt. And so on.)

And voilà, we have a somewhat unlikely group of four together in the forest at night, looking for Juliet, and much mischief can be managed.

Before this, Lysander and Hermia have probably already gone off into the forest (and may be scared by the sounds of people looking for Juliet, thinking it's Hermia's family looking for her). Possibly pursued by Demetrius and Helena as in the original story; there's probably no reason why we shouldn't go that route.

Sounds like a good recipe for lots of chaos, right? And then we can look for reasons for the groups in the forest to break up and run into other people and whatever, and Puck can use magic juice or romances can get convoluted quite on their own.

Feel free to say your opinion or make suggestions!

Natalia [userpic]

Valancy [userpic]

Valancy [userpic]

A couple things:

1) The Ball is going on! If you haven't yet played your characters there, please do so as soon as you can! We want things to be active. If you have played them already, well, keep up the good work. :D

2) Since nobody else has volunteered, we're taking care of the Lysander and Hermia problem so that I play Lysander and greenie1980 plays Hermia. At some point, liaku could add these changes to the character list. I'll be trying to post my Lysander bio as soon as possible. At the moment I'm still trying to figure out an occupation for him, since the musical has him being lower social class than Hermia etc. and I want to preserve that, but not make him too lower-class for the context of this being moved to the city, where the social stratification is probably a lot bigger and the class differences more obvious. Trying to figure out what kind of an occupation in town would suit him. Anyway, I'll be playing Szerényi László's version of Lysander, which leaves us with only one Attila in the game, which is probably good.

Valancy [userpic]

Woo hoo, I was heroic and finally wrote the ball-starting scene! And it really shouldn't have taken this many months to write two paragraphs. I apologise once more, but I hope that the game will go on now. I felt quite writer's blocked about the scene-starter, since it had been delayed this long, but I reminded myself that it doesn't need to be great literature, it just needs to exist, so there it is. I also posted with all my three characters to describe how they are arriving to the ball. Feel free to either reply to their threads or start one of your own, whichever seems the most appropriate, and when other people start posting their characters, you can post replies to them as well. The idea was that we'll have as many threads in the ball scene as there are different conversations and encounters between characters, and characters can move from one thread to another as people can move from one conversation to another in a similar real-life situation. If there are any questions, feel free to bring them up here or ask one of us mods or another player, whichever seems appropriate.

A note about my characters: Titania can only be seen and approached by other fairies, but she will observe the ball and the other characters, and we'll see how she may try to influence them. The flowers in her hair can probably be smelled by human characters as well, but of course that may not be much noticed in a ball where everyone's probably wearing a different perfume. Demetrius and Tybalt can be approached by anyone who feels so inclined, and I'm sure Demetrius at least will make himself sociable as soon as other characters join in. With Tybalt, we'll see what can make him sociable.

We could still use a Lysander and a Hermia (and a Benvolio), but for now, let's start the ball without them and see what we'll do if we haven't got any new volunteers in the next few days.

(I didn't have any other appropriate ball-icon so I used a Romeo-and-Juliet-at-the-ball icon that I had.)

ETA: I didn't include character tags because that'd be, like, everyone. Do you think I should anyway, or should we do a special tag for big group scenes that have so many people we don't want to list them all, or just leave it as it is and trust that people looking for the ball scenes will find them with "the ball" tag?

Valancy [userpic]

Hey all,

I'll try to get the ball-starting scene written soon, but I haven't been feeling well today so it might be delayed until tomorrow, depending on how much energy I have. But meanwhile - I've been asking around to make sure all our participants are still participating, and seek_shangrila said she had better pull back as her internet access hasn't been reliable lately and she can't promise to be able to play regularly. Which means we're not only missing a Lysander, but also a Hermia. We definitely should have them both for the game to work out sensibly - so, um, any suggestions? I would otherwise offer to play one of them, but I'm already playing one of the four young lovers (Demetrius) and I don't think it will work out too well for the same person to play any two of them. Any other volunteers? Please?

je ne sais quoi [userpic]

Valancy [userpic]

*blows dust off community*

Hey all. It actually wasn't the meaning to let the RPG get stuck so early. I know it's mostly my fault, because it was agreed that one of us mods would post a ball-starting scene and then that never happened. I was just so insanely busy all of the spring and much of the summer that I never seemed to have either the time, energy or the imagination to do it... But now, are you all still willing to play? How about we agree that some time soon - no later than the weekend - the ball will start and the playing will start again. And before that, those who haven't yet written their character bios should try to write them. Don't stress about them or think they have to be very well-written, carefully thought out or contain amazing amounts of backstory. We don't want to let this slow us down, it's only supposed to help us!

Is everyone still willing to play the characters they signed up for? Does anyone want to change or take on new characters? Any new plans about what you'd like to do with your characters? Comment to this post with anything you've got to say, and when I'm sure everything's fine and everyone knows who they're playing etc. I'll do the post to start the ball and then we'll play with whatever characters we've got.

I apologise for taking this long to do this, especially as some members did contact me and ask me if we're going to start playing again, and I said I'd do something about it soon... I did want to, somehow I've just been so crazily tired and stressed out that I didn't manage to do anything about it. But now I'm getting back to it, as I do want to play.

Valancy [userpic]

Just noting that I'm in Finland (a.k.a. back home) for the next five days and while I will be online, regular journal updates will not be my priority and I may also be slow in replying to roleplay scenes (I know I've currently got a couple of scenes to post in, but I just haven't had the presence of mind to think about it). However, looks like most of the pre-ball scenes will be wrapped up pretty soon, so I guess we could be starting the ball one of these days? I just don't know when I'll have time to write up a post to start it, and I understand liaku is pretty busy, too. We'd planned it so that one of us starts it with a post generally describing the ball and then people can start their own threads in that post. But I'm guessing that whenever one of us has time to write that post, then those characters who still aren't tied up in other threads can start showing up in the ball and doing something.

PS. Those who aren't members of csiri_ic, post your character applications if you haven't done so yet, and when one application is posted, request membership in the community so you can start playing!

Valancy [userpic]

Last week there was some talk of starting the Ball in the beginning of this week. But currenly many of the pre-ball threads aren't finished yet, and liaku is unwell and I'm really busy so neither of us will have time to do a starting post for the Ball thread. So I suggest we will postpone the beginning of the Ball until something like Thursday or Friday this week, depending on how quickly things move along. Then one of us mods will do a starting post to describe the Ball in general, and after that any characters are free to start threads within that post and join other characters' interaction. Meanwhile, we can finish the current pre-Ball threads, post the remaining character profiles and work out answers to any questions that still need answering.

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